We are simply delighted with the results.


I am very pleased to offer this letter of recommendation for R. W. Anderson & Sons for your home building project.
In early 2008, my wife and I purchased a run down home on the edge of the Sandwich marsh in Town Neck. Rick Anderson was referred to us early in the process, prior to our first offer. Rick and Gary Dolan in his office gave us excellent budgeting advice prior to the purchase and helped us navigate the Sandwich permitting process. We then proceeded into a construction contract immediately after our closing. We are simply delighted with the results.
As an architect, I look for and enjoy working with builders who demonstrate certain qualities: an attention to detail and care for quality, an understanding of trade contractors, the details of their work and the need to coordinate them well, and the ability to anticipate upcoming issues and even surprises. When I find builders with these qualities, I am sure to introduce them to our clients for repeat work.
As a first timer in the world of home building, my wife and I wanted a firm who would guide us through the process, offer sound and honest advice, keep us grounded in reality, and provide us with our dream home for a fair price.
In Rick Anderson, we have found this builder. I would not hesitate to recommend R. W. Anderson & Sons for a home project of any size. You will not regret a decision to work with Rick and his team.
Please feel free to call me at any time — I would be happy to take the time to talk to you personally about our experience.

Richard A. Radville
Linea 5, Inc., Architects