In all categories of my inquiries and research, Rick Anderson and Sons came out on top over other builders I found in my process of "finding the right builder."


We more than doubled the size of our house over the course of 5 years and two renovations. Prior to the first renovation, I visited a number of job sites of new construction going in our neighborhood and around our town. I interviewed several of the sub-contractors to get a feel for their working relationship with the general contractor. I inspected the work being done, and the creativity of what was being built. In all categories of my inquiries and research, Rick Anderson and Sons came out on top over other builders I found in my process of “finding the right builder.” From the results of that process, I hired the company. Our project was quite extensive and complicated. Rick on several occasions inserted his experience into the process, challenging the architect and, at times, the structural engineer, resulting in his expertise driving the solution. He brings to the process, expert and dedicated workmen for all the disciplines of home construction. Additionally, he has a good working relationship with the town and the various governing boards and has insightful knowledge of the regulations that are required to be permitted and satisfied.

What I like most about R.W. Anderson and Sons are: the professionalism throughout the organization and the subs, the dedication to producing an excellent product and standing behind it, a calm and rational management style, and a sincere and dedicated effort to have all work accomplished in a timely manner. It has been my experience that too many On Cape workmen are a bit laid back, maybe too laid back, often resulting in expectations not being met. Rick has the ability to work well with expert craftsmen in various fields who might “suffer” from being Cape Codders, nurturing them so that generally in the end, it’s a win/win for all parties and the work is accomplished within a reasonable range of expectation. I also have to add that Rick works well with “wash-a-shores,” subs and experts not from the Cape. Our project brought in several businesses/folks from around the US and Canada. Feedback to me was always what a pleasure it was to work with Rick, and how knowledgeable he is.

Another major plus working with Rick Anderson and Sons, is that Rick is open minded in his approach to solutions. In simple words, he works well with others. His approach is not that he knows all and only what he says goes. He’s flexible and enjoys working with highly creative people, and in the end, strives to more than satisfy all parties’ hopes and expectations.

R.W. Anderson and Sons, while they perform projects on many different levels from small renovations/repairs to large construction, whatever they do is quality and first rate, and if something isn’t right, or doesn’t meet a certain standard, they will speak up, and they will adjust. I did not experience any hidden “short cuts” or work that was not first rate. All materials used were top quality and Rick did look for ways to contain costs. Rick is very mindful of budget and will spend the money wisely and with purpose.

The first renovation of approximately 3500 sq. ft. started in 2006 and was completed within 14 months. The second renovation of equal measure was started in 2011 and completed within 14 months.

I so trust this company, we have worked with R.W. Anderson and Sons on many kitchen and bath projects as well as whole house cabinetry for new home construction. I am always impressed how Rick and his team listen to their customer and execute their ideas and inspiration. It is always a collaboration between the homeowner, designer and builder. The end result is a beautiful project, whether it is a small renovation or a new custom home, R.W. Anderson & Sons are on the job every day, paying attention to every detail from the smallest to the largest, providing value and quality at every step. Their projects stay on time and each milestone is met and their customers are always happy. Truly a five star company! retained them for the inevitable, continued maintenance of a house. It’s a first-rate company with first-rate employees.